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about the company

company background

Raising awareness about the successful transition of the Hong Kong thoroughbred into equestrian careers ultimately increase their rehome opportunities, also to increase the opportunities for the Hong Kong retired racehorses beyond a racing career

To improve the versatility and suitability of retired Hong Kong racehorses as pleasure and sport horses

Improve the welfare and afterrace of retired horses


our farm

The farm founder Mike Brown start the farm in 1968. Mike's son Darryl joined Mike on the farm in 1985 and they have been running the horse farm in partnership ever since.

Mike still breeds horses that descend direct from Wai-Eyre, the most noted being the 10 win Johnny Eyre that Mike is still training today as a 9 year old.

The farm utilises the experience of Rangiora Vet Centre's head equine veterinary, Andrew Bailey BVSc (dist.) and his team of equine vets, for all the vet work on the farm.


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